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There are millions of business owners who will need to transition the ownership of their businesses to others during the next decade to have financial stability for the rest of their lives. Some owners will desire to transfer their businesses internally to loyal management or family members while others may want or need to sell to an outside buyer in order to achieve their goals. A few owners will be able to afford to give away their businesses outright to others but most will need to “cash out” in order to gain financial independence for the rest of their lives.


Are you facing these key decisions?

  • Should I grow my business? Acquire competitors?

  • Can this business continue to support my lifestyle and family indefinitely?

  • Should I continue to invest my own money in this business or take on investors or a strategic partner?

  • Should I sell the company? What else would I do?

  • If I retire or reduce my involvement, can the business carry on without me? Who would run it? 


What is the Secret to Success

Why Do This Planning Now?    The Benefits of Planning   

Has Life Prompted You to Think About Stepping Away from Your Business? Check Out the Free Resources on Our Educational Portal – Business Transition Academy.

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Our Book: "Cashing Out of Your Business"

Our new book, “Cashing Out of Your Business,” written especially for business owners, introduces the concept of business ownership transition planning and outlines the framework that may be used by ALL owners to analyze their current situation, determine their goals and design a Business Ownership Transition PlanTM that is custom to their needs.  This book is a must-read for every owner who is facing an ownership transition in the next five years.

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